From Mexico to Baseball: The History of Nachos

image of nachos Warm, melty cheese layered with hot jalapenos and drenched in guacamole. The bright colors of the salsa and lettuce all intertwined with the crunchy tortilla chip.  There’s nothing like some nachos to brighten up someone’s day. It is the ultimate comfort food that has your mouth watering even before for the plate is placed in front of you. Nachos have a rich tradition with any sporting event here in the US, but what were they before? Where did they come from? Let’s take a step back from all the cheese and chips, and take a look at where this famous snack food came from.

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Mexico And The Origin of Corn

image of farmer and corn on origins of corn blog.If you have ever bitten into a fresh piece of buttered corn on the cob on a summer night, you know why we love corn so much. There’s nothing like the fresh, delicious, crispy taste a good corn on the cob. However, the corn we eat at our modern cookouts and picnics would not exist if it weren’t for those who have purposefully developed and cultivated it over the past several centuries. Corn is, in fact, a human invention, as it cannot be found growing naturally in the wild. Corn only survives when planted and cultivated by humans.

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Mexico

Valentine’s Day in Mexico - AcapulcosIn Mexico, February 14thEl Dia Amor y la Amistad” has been embraced with much love and celebration. Mainly it’s because so many have called Spanish a love language, or because Spanish speakers are known for their willingness to display affection. Or perhaps, it’s because it represents a great love story and another opportunity to have a good time and celebrate with family, fun, food, and tradition. No matter the reason, Valentine’s Day has grown dramatically in popularity throughout the years, and is now a staple of the Mexican calendar.

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The Best of Acapulco

Acapulco - Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant and CantinaAcapulco is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Mexico. On three sides of its beautiful bay the towering Sierra Madre del Sur mountains reach right down to the shoreline. A beautiful beach separates the deep blue water of the bay and the impressive sky-scraping hotels and office buildings. Acapulco has become a popular location and resort spot.

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The History of Salsa and Hot Sauce

history of salsa - Acapulcos One of the best things about any party is the inevitable bowl of chips and the little containers of goodness surrounding it. In these containers is our favorite salsa dips. This little bowls might mild, spicy hot, green, black bean, avocado, fruit, or any of the many other variations of the delicious dip. If you go to a Mexican restaurant you will probably get more than your fair share of chips and salsa, and you’ll be glad you did.

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Dia De Los Muertos: A Mexican Celebration

Dia De Los Muertos: A Mexican Celebration - AcapulcosAs the calendar quickly motors through the month of October, many people shift their attention to the final day of the month. For Americans, this means focusing on Halloween, which brings forth ghosts, ghouls, witches, and candy. In Mexico, however, the end of the month brings forth a different holiday: Dia De Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead.

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The Basics You Need to Know About Mexican Tequila

Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & CantinaTequila is fun; there are very few drinks quite as equipped to get a party started. But where does this party enhancer come from? It is easy to see those beautiful tequila bottles and not focus on how the magic fluid got in them, but everything has an origin in this world, and Mexican tequila is no different. So that being said, here is how tequila goes from the wild into your belly. [Read more…]

The Differences Between Mexican and American Culture

Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant & CantinaAlthough Mexico and the United States share a border of nearly 2,000 miles on the same continent, there are many differences between the two cultures that define and celebrate the heritage of each country. [Read more…]

Check Out These Two Churros Recipes

Churros Recipes - Acapulcos - MAIt’s not really clear where exactly churros came from. The most common theory is that the Portuguese brought them to Europe from their trading trips to the orient. However, it’s also believed the Ming dynasty passed a law that sharing the secrets of the churros ways with foreigners was an offense punishable by death. Somehow the Portuguese were able to replicate the generally idea but never learned the Chinese technique for “pulling the dough.” Instead, they mold their churros in a star shape which is often seen today.

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Authentic Mexican Corn Tortilla Recipe

Interested in cooking an authentic Mexican dish? Start with an authentic foundation! Mexican Corn Tortillas can be paired with many traditional dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, burritos, tortilla chips, and many other delicious options. This authentic Mexican corn tortilla recipe is a Mexican cuisine staple that will bring traditional Mexican culture into your home!

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