Things You Should Know Before You Visit Mexico

If you’re interested in Mexican culture, here’s a mix of interesting and practical tips that could enrich your visit.

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  1. Driving in Mexico City isn’t recommended unless you’re comfortable using defensive driving techniques. Fortunately, the bus system is affordable and extensive.
  2. Don’t flush the toilet paper! The septic systems are different in Mexico.
  3. You should purify your water before you drink.

Food & Culture

  1. Mexico is home to over 50 rural languages along with being home to the most Spanish speakers in the world.
  2. Street vendors are a treasure in Mexico, selling affordable tasty authentic food.
  3. You might be surprised that some conventions of Mexican American cuisine are different. Your tacos won’t be loaded with sour cream and cheese or even lettuce. Most tacos contain seasoned meat, cilantro and lime juice in a corn tortilla.
  4. Hot chocolate is the sacred drink of the Aztecs.
  5. The Chihuahua, the smallest existing breed of dog, originated in Mexico and shares the name of a Mexican state. Their big ears naturally help them release heat in Mexico’s warm temperatures.


  1. The Mexican coat of arms features an eagle sitting on a cactus with a snake in its mouth. The Aztecs believed an eagle with a snake in its mouth would be a sign from God indicating where to build their capitol.
  2. This vision reportedly marked the location of the Aztec capitol, Tenochtitlan, on an island lake. The ruins of this ancient civilization became modern day Mexico City.
  3. Because of its foundation, the city is currently sinking at a rate of 6-8 inches per year and they rely on a water pump system to create room for the growing population.
  4. In 1910, The Angel of Independence statue was built to commemorate the centennial of Mexico’s war of independence.
  5. Originally there were only nine steps to the base of the statue, but fourteen more steps were needed as a result of ground sinking. 

Events and Holidays

  1. Mexico is one of the few countries where bullfighting is still legal. It’s home to the largest bullfighting ring in the world, which houses 60,000 spectators.
  2. November 1st (also All Souls Day) is Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, and is meant to commemorate the dead. Every year, elaborate celebrations and parades take place in cemeteries.
  3. Christmas is not the biggest celebration of the year. That title is held by Three Kings Day, which happens on January 6th.
  4. In late October, Mexico is the destination of millions of monarch butterflies that migrate yearly from the U.S. and Canada, making the forests orange-colored.

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