The Many Health Benefits of Avocado

Holy Guacamole! Who would have thought that avocados could be the solution to your problems? Health Benefits of Avocados, Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant, MA and CTThese four amazing health benefits of avocado illustrate that it really is the ultimate super fruit.

Health Benefit of Avocado #1: Heart Health

The first of the four main health benefits of avocado is heart focused. The good fat in avocados keeps your cholesterol low and your blood pressure in check. This means that avocados can lower your risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

Health Benefit of Avocado #2: Disease Prevention

The second aspect of the health benefits of avocado is disease prevention. It is believed that you can lower your likelihood of being diagnosed with certain types of cancers just by eating some chips and guacamole dip. This health benefit of avocado is due to the fibrous and acidic properties of the fruit. The insoluble fiber can help to prevent colon cancer, while the acidic content is proven to decrease the likelihood of breast cancer and oral cancers. A decreased risk of stroke is another health benefit of avocado that has been studied in recent years.

Health Benefit of Avocado #3: Skin Benefits

The health benefits of avocado do not just keep your body running smoothly; they help you look great too! When eaten, the health benefits of avocado include creating a smoother skin tone, as well as slowing the degeneration of nerves within your skin. When used topically, the health benefits of avocado consist of reducing wrinkles and age spots, as well as cleansing and moisturizing. The oils in avocados can also protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays even after you wash off your mask.

Health Benefit of Avocado #4: Weight Loss

Now that summer is here, many people are trying to get that perfect beach body. This last health benefit of avocado may help. That’s right! Avocados are proven to facilitate weight loss. This health benefit of avocado stems from the soluble fiber contained in the fruit. Soluble fiber digests slowly in your stomach, which keeps you feeling fuller for a longer period of time! Avocados also contain vitamin B which can help to boost your metabolism.

You probably did not need an excuse to eat this super fruit before, but these four health benefits of avocado definitely provide you with a few options. Time for some guac!

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What is your favorite way to incorporate avocado into your regular diet? We’d love to hear about it in our comments section below!